Conference Interpreting

Polish into English, English into Polish, Spanish into Polish

I have worked on a number of multi-lingual events, both interpreting for delegates and translating the conference materials. Not only I am a qualified Conference Interpreter, but also I am experienced Conference Organiser therefore I can help you with every step whilst organising a multilingual conference. How I can make the conference organisation easier for you? I can:

  • myself provide Conference Interpreting in the language combination: Polish, English and Spanish
  • organise a team of qualified and reliable Conference Interpreters for other language combinations
  • make arrangements for interpreting equipment: tour guide system, mobile booths
  • and lastly but not least provide an expertise as to how to organise a successful conference

In 2015 I gained an additional qualification for conference interpreting (Postgraduate Diploma in Conference Interpreting from London Metropolitan University with distinction for the EU/UN interpretation module). After graduation I signed up for additional Advanced Interpreting course preapring for the EU/UN accreditation test at the London Metropolitan University. At the same time I have been acting as an Ambassador for the students – this involves preparing additional practice for Polish speaking students via google hangout.

My Conference Interpreting experience includes both: practice and placements undertaken at the University and professional experience:

  • Interpreting during diplomatic meetings between Mayor of my town in Poland and Spanish investors, (Polish, Spanish) 2002-2003
  • Interpreting during business meetings between Spanish companies and their Polish clients (Polish, Spanish) from 2004 onwards
  • Interpreting various presentations during recruitment campaigns (Polish, English and Spanish) from 2004 onwards
  • Interpreting during a Study Tour for a Polish delegation from the Polish Veterinary Chamber, which involved explaining processes at abattoirs and farms, interpreting during speeches at dinner and interpreting the key note speaker’s presentation live for the audience, Eville & Jones and Veterinary Public Health Association, (Polish, English and Spanish) June 2004
  • Undertaking a placement at the European Commission in Brussels (Polish, English and Spanish) March 2014
  • Interpreting during an E-commerce Conference in Manchester, Polish Business Link and British- Polish Chamber of Commerce, (Polish and English) May 2014
  • Interpreting during over 14 Mock Conferences at the London Metropolitan University – the topics included: Immigration, European Work Councils (EWC), ICT, EU and UN related subjects (gender equality, CAT, safety in Europe)
  • Translation of all the conference materials  at the First Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK, Polish Business Link and British- Polish Chamber of Commerce, October 2014 and at the Second Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs, (Polish and English) October 2015
  • Translation of all the conference materials and presentations at the AVESA Congress, XXIV Jornadas Nacionales de la Carne y Seguridad Alimentaria in Manchester, (English and Spanish) May 2015
  • Interpreting at the CATS (Children as Actors in the Transforming Society) Conference in Caux, Switzerland, the types of interpreting included: simultaneous in the booth, whispered simultaneous during community groups and workshops, working remotely from the booth (interpreting for the Talent Show event), consecutive interpreting (i.e. during an interview with a representative of the delegation), cultural mediation and written translation (Polish, English and Spanish) 7 days in July/August 2015

I would be happy to discuss with you your forthcoming conference –  if you wish to find about how I could add value to your conference or event, call me on +44 (0) 7702 750 003.

Ewa Jasinska

A head for business,
a voice for languages.