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Certificate Ewa Jasinska_2015_edt Reference letter from Ms Maria Wolf, Conference Interpreter and Head of Interpreting Department, CAUX-Initiatives et Changement and Mr Clive Harker, Conference Interpreter and Chef d’equipe at the CATS Conference in Caux, Swizterland – click the link to read what they say about my work

I know Ewa through my work as a criminal defence solicitor. I have used Ewa’s services on numerous occasions to interpret for Polish national clients, both in a court setting and in meetings, as a freelance self-employed interpreter and translator.

Ewa is the best interpreter I have ever used on any case. She is hard working, motivated and very committed. She is always very concerned to make sure she does the best job possible, and always provides an efficient and very professional and reliable service. She is well organised, well presented, punctual and helpful. She is very good at explaining any difficulties in translating and interpreting, and then working around any such problems. I would rate her intellectual qualities as very good. She is also very personable and easy to get on with. In my experience she is able to relate to and work with all sorts of different people, of different backgrounds and abilities. Her communication skills are excellent.

I have no hesitation at all in recommending her. Frances Taylor, Harrison and Bundey Solicitors

References from Wakefield Council Reference letter from Ms Kim O’Hoole at Wakefield Council

Ewa has been involved in translating and interpreting during numerous investigations. Her work was of an extremely high standard. During my work as an investigator I have used numerous interpreters over a range of languages. Ewa has worked tirelessly during my investigations involving Polish; her customer service is second to none. She is flexible, extremely happy, reliable and committed. Ewa is one of the most reliable interpreters I have ever worked with. She has always made herself available, her work is consistently high, and at times has worked some incredibly long hours to accommodate us.

Ewa is a genuinely nice happy person, she is easy to get on with, shows an interest in her work, and has shown a level of commitment I have rarely met in others. I cannot speak highly enough of Ewa, and would recommend her for any interpretation and translation services. DC Alistair Taylor


I had a pleasure to work with Ewa on many occasions. Our recent project was to deliver Polish-English and English Polish Translation of the printed bulletin for national Congress of Polish Entrepreneurs in the UK. Ewa delivered all work on time and with suggestion how to improve the content. She provided work with great attention to detail and professionalism at all part of the project. I would like to strongly encourage to contact Ewa for any translation work whether for business or private matters.Bartlomiej Kowalczyk - BDM at Polish Business Link


Ewa is my business partner at Confidalia Events. I have the pleasure to have been working with Ewa for 10 years and until now she still impresses me a lot with her enthusiasm, creativity, passion and her attitude. The way Ewa deals with people shows that she is the perfect business partner but more importantly a beautiful person and a great friend. Ewa always looks after each project with a great deal of personal commitment so that our customers always feel properly understood and cared for. She is extremely efficient and always prepared to take on new challenge. It is a pleasure to work with such great professional. I am very impressed with Ewa’s skills and qualities; she has great attention to details and deals perfectly with difficult situations. Ewa’s communication skills (in all languages she speaks) are excellent. At all times I have found Ewa to be extremely reliable and hard-working. On the top of this she is just great, always with a smile on her face impressing me again with new ideas and solutions to problems. It is a pleasure to work with this impressive and very competent lady! Thanks to Ewa’s personal skills, ambitions, diligence, attitude and her smile we are sentenced to success! Eliza Jankowska, Director of Confidalia Events


Ewa Jasinska has been providing interpreting and translation services between Polish, English and Spanish for Eville & Jones since April 2004. Examples of her work include: interpreting during the visit of Veterinary Chamber representatives from Poland (interpreting Animal Welfare lecture at the University and during official dinners), translation of HR documents, interpreting during various projects (in England, Poland and Spain).

Ewa has always proven to be professional, hardworking and confidential. Her communication abilities are exceptional. She has got a very good understanding of business as well as she can easily adapt to working within different environments.

She has always worked to the highest of standards and at the same time she always managed to convey a positive attitude.  Juan Miguel Avila, Managing Director of Eville & Jones (UK) Ltd


Współpracę z Ewą mogę określić dwoma słowami – BYŁO PYSZNIE. Ewa tłumacząc listę dialogową scenariusza mojego filmu pod tytułem Wigilia wykazała się nie tylko wysoką kompetencją merytoryczną polegającą między innymi na zdolności adaptacji tekstu na język odrębnego kręgu kulturowego, ale również filmowym słuchem, oraz rzetelnością a propos ustalonych przez nas terminów. Chętnie zaangażuję Ją do kolejnych moich projektów – jeśli tylko Ewa będzie miała czas i ochotę.Rafał Szamburski, Autor opowiadań, scenariuszy filmowych i dramatów


Estimados amigos, el grupo de personas que fuimos entre los años 2000 -2003 a cazar a Polonia conocimos a Ewa Jasinska como interprete el primer año y desde entonces la condición que pusimos con las diferentes orgánicas con las que nos relacionamos fue mantener la interprete. Ewa realizo un trabajo profesional, resolviendo siempre los problemas que surgieron con satisfacción para los clientes. Desde el primer día entendió su cometido y defendió a la perfección los intereses del grupo de cazadores. Reconocer su educación y discreción que en ningún momento interfirió con la vida del grupo de cazadores que estuvimos en Polonia. Quedo a su disposición para ampliar la información si lo consideran necesario Enrique Alexandre Royo, Dirección General de Hospitales
I have worked with interpreters before and have previously felt that this can make engaging with a service user and developing a therapeutic relationship challenging, however this did not seem to be the case during the work we did. I have reflected on possible reasons for this and feel that the service user and family clearly felt comfortable and at ease with you, however I, as practitioner also felt comfortable with you being present (from experience this has not always been the case). The appointments never felt uncomfortable and as our work progressed I felt able to address the service user directly (almost not feeling that an interpreter was present if that makes sense).Yvonne Robinson, NHS


Over the past 10 years Ewa has been a great business partner and friend of the UK Veterinary Public Health Association (VPHA): http://www.vpha.co.uk
Ewa provides an excellent service for VPHA by organising and delivering twice annual VPHA conferences in the UK with over 100 attendees. She has also arranged VPHA study tours to Croatia, Serbia, Ukraine, former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia and Hungary.

VPHA and the Conference attendees recognise that Ewa’s pro-active organisational skills, multilingual ability and boundless charisma have all contributed immensely to the success of our conferences. We are privileged and honoured to work with Ewa because we know we can always rely on her help to plan, book, advertise and deliver any event in the UK or abroad. Therefore we recommend Ewa’s services to anyone looking to organise a successful Conference with multinational delegates. Milorad Radakovic, VPHA President, March 2016

Ewa Jasinska

A head for business,
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