Medicine and Veterinary Medicine

Polish – English – Spanish

My vast experience in the medical and medico-legal sector allows me to understand and accurately translate what others may think of as industry jargon. I am impartial, but act as your voice, and that of your patient. And I care as much as you do about getting it right. Apart from that I have an extensive knowledge of Veterinary Public Health industry in Europe.

I am a Registered Public Service Interpreter and my experience in this sector includes:

  • Interpreting during consultations with a doctor in order to assess long term damage after accidents
  • Interpreting during appointments with specialists and midwives as well as during procedures involving local anaesthetic,
  • Attending women in labour and being called to A&E following accidents in order to provide interpretation services
  • Translating medical history paperwork
  • Interpreting during consultations with people suffering from mental health issues – always especially tricky as it’s paramount that no single detail is lost in translation
  • Interpreting during the visits at the abattoir and farms in the UK for Polish Delegation from the Veterinary Chamber as well as during veterinary-related lectures at the university
  • Over 10 years’ experience in the Veterinary Public Health sector

I understand that some interpreting assignments don’t conform to the standard working day and am happy to work flexibly and out-of-hours in order to meet your needs.

To use my specialist interpretation and translation skills and benefit from my sector knowledge, call +44 (0) 7702 750 003.

Ewa Jasinska

A head for business,
a voice for languages.